Email campaigns

Did you know that more than 80% of direct mail has NOT been opened at all? Did you know that you are NOT eligible to send an email to everyone? Did you know that your recipients MUST have chosen their list first?

The term email marketing refers to a different form of direct marketing. Instead of paper mail, use email as a means of communication.

We work for you to have a solid presence by sending your emails, newsletters, offers and events through email marketing ONLY for your chosen clients. Keeping them aware of your brand, your company and your activities. This approach will create confidence in your brand.

We manage marketing campaigns by email, we create, design, modify and mark your communications by email. We designed a new email based on HTML to make sure that your brand is integrated into your email marketing campaign.

If you already have an email marketing tool but do not have the time to work on it, we can manage, configure, maintain and develop all the processes of your campaign through this resource.